February 17 2020

Edublogs Teacher Challenge – Step 1

What are the first blog entries here all about?

The following blog entries describe my voyage to set up my Edublog. In the coming weeks, I will set up this site for blogging with one of my classes following the edublogs Teacher Challenge.

What do I want to achieve with my blog after the setup stage?

I will use it for my ICT after school activities to provide basic information, links to supportive material as well as assignments. Furthermore, I plan to open up blogs for the students to describe what they are doing, commenting each others work and maybe also getting feedback from outside.

What’s up first?

SSL Certificate

So far I did the basic setup of the blog. There seems to be a problem with secure access to the site as I am using my own URL, I will look into this soon.

Displaying Code Snippets

Today I have played a bit around with the possibilities to format code snippets. I have another site hosted on WordPress.com. The Business package I have subscribed to gives you a lot of storage space, and most important good exposure to search engines. On the downside, that package does not allow for any plugins to be installed. So code snippets are just plain text and you have to do the formatting yourself.

Edublogs on the contrary allows you to install from a selection of plugins. For coding, in particular the SyntaxHighligher Evolved is really useful to format code with keyword highlighting for various programming languages, indentation and line numbering. In addition, you get “copy & paste” ready code snippets without the fuss to use another tool.

Here an example of the famous “Hello World” program written in C++:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
	cout << " Hello World!\n";
	return 0;

Editors for WordPress – Classic and Gutenberg

Right now you have two choices as an editor for WordPress, Classic or Gutenberg. To start with, I decided to use the old Classic Editor TinyMCE. Later I will use the new Gutenberg Editor, this may have an impact for the formatting as both editors and their respective plugins may convert their entries to HTML and CSS in different ways.

Further Information

I also run two more ICT related sites, www.code2run.com and www.mikefromd.github.io. The later will only come live in the coming weeks. I will use it with GitHub Classroom for my students to provide sample code to remix and code fragments to start with. The other site, code2run, has examples and descriptions on how to use various educational platforms as Alice 3, Arduino, p5js (a Javascript Library with IDE, derived from Processing) and other materials. Have a look at those sites. When this site is finally ready to go, I will rearrange my content so that I can use the three platforms to get a better reach and more impact, primarily for my students, but also for the broader public.